What is epitalon ?

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What do you think can be done today to stop ageing or its devastating effects ?

You probably think of rubbing lotion on your face, eating antioxidant food and supplements, doing brain exercises to keep it agile, and physical activities to stay fit …

Let me present you something that will really surprise you and that is available today : Literally keeping your body young, down to the cellular level !

A quite recent scientific discovery allows us to influence the genetic clock. The very mechanism by which our body ages has been exposed, and we’ve found the way to reverse it.

It’s the most important breakthrough in the history of medicine and anti-aging care. It is so powerful that it changes people’s life in a way than no one could achieve before, right from the first days of taking it.

And you can’t find it anywhere else, as it was not available to individuals buyers until today.

The amazing power of this breakthrough lies in a genetic structure called the telomeres. It’s the elements that control the ageing of our cells.

What are the telomeres? They’re the protective ends of our DNA strings:


It is known that telomeres protect your DNA, and that when they become too short, the cells can’t multiply any more.

Telomeres are considered as our biological clock, and each time our cells divide, and the DNA replicates itself, the telomeres get shorter and shorter until the cells stop dividing and die, and ultimately the entire body is enable to regenerate itself and it dies too.

This process happens slowly, and it’s called ageing.

Fortunately, science found a molecule that activates the regeneration of the telomeres, lengthening them again, allowing your cells to duplicate ever and ever again, rebuilding your body anew, repairing your damaged DNA, and reconstructing your organs to their original design.


In 1999, Elisabeth Blackburn was Laureate of the Nobel Prize for discovering the telomere activator enzyme named telomerase. Telomerase rebuilds the end of the telomeres to their original length after each cell division, halting the biological death-clock.

But telomerase is less and less generated in the cells, as years go by, and that’s why telomeres are not restored and become shorter and shorter.

What I am presenting you today is the discovery of a peptide that will reactivate the production of telomerase in the cells, allowing the reparation of the telomeres, and resulting in the rejuvenation of the body, right down to the genetic cellular level.

This peptide was discovered, tested and patented by the Prof. Vladimir Khavinson and his associate scientists during the past 15 years. It was reserved to a few privileged people in the world until today.

This simple tetrapeptide simulates the effect of a secretion from the pineal gland, that activates the production of telomerase in the cells. Several studies have proven that the length of the telomeres increase after taking this peptide orally, and that the humans taking it live longer than those who don’t take it.

After 12 years of taking the peptide Epitalon several weeks per year, the scientists subjects in this study, showed a lifespan 30 to 50% longer than those who didn’t take it. Taking Epithalon gave them an average of 7 extra years of life in excellent health.

This clinical study lasted only for 12 years, and they gained 7 extra years of life, but of course, nothing stops you from taking Epitalon forever, and live healthy for … ever !

Rejuvenated cells are also the key to an efficient immune system. For that reason, taking Epitalon will also keep your body fit against all the diseases.

This small peptide is simply made of 4 amino acids, but its effect on the body is the most amazing thing that we had ever imagined and witnessed.

This amazing oral supplement is taken by numerous doctors around the world, and a few privileged patients that consult them. Now you can have it too !

These entrepreneurs decided to enlarge the circle of the privileged humans that will be able to prolong their lives without limits, by offering Epitalon in its purest form and for a much lower price than it was available to day through medical professionals. They are the first to bring this product to the public market, as it was only available to medical professionals until today.


To guaranty the quality of the product and its distribution service, they have unfortunately limited the number of units that they will offer during the first phase of commercialisation.

Considering that the maintenance dose is of 1 to 3mg per day, 1 bottle containing 60mg of Epitalon will last you 4 weeks.

Of course I am already on their list, and regular user of Epitalon since several weeks now, with amazing results, as you can read on my website !

Here you can visit their website Biotrends

And here you can read some information I put together in the form of a website, concerning Epitalon and Telomeres https://epitalon.stayingyoung.info

I hope sincerely that you will be part of the lucky ones that can buy Epitalon and that will enrol immediately in their monthly automatic shipping program, as the places are counted.

Your devoted translator, Jules Tresor.

After Telomerase Activation They Live 24% Longer!


Today I want to present you a very exciting article published in The EMBO Scientific Publications http://www.embo.org
It’s about the amazing results of a scientific study, where telomerase activation was done in the cells of mice. As you know telomerase is the enzyme that builds the telomeres in the cells, and that processus prevents the cells from ageing and eventually degenerate.

Telomeres are the time clock at the end of the genes in every cell of our body. Every time our cells divide, telomeres are shortened and our lifespan runs down.
The shorter the telomere, the older our cells act. And when the clock runs out, those cells die.

Lucky us, science has found that we can stop the ageing of our cells, and in some cases even reverse the ageing process, by repairing our telomeres with the activation of telomerase enzyme.
That’s exactly what Epitalon does, it reactivates the production of telomerase in our cells, allowing the reparation of our telomeres, stopping the ageing of our cells, and thereby keeping our body young.

Already millions of people have taken and benefited from the amazing work of the Epitalon peptide.

This study brings new scientific evidence that lengthening our telomeres will increase our lifespan, that’s the big news for today.
This breakthrough was published in the journal, EMBO Modern Medicine. Here’s what happened…

The scientists treated adult mice and elderly mice with a telomerase activator, and in both groups they saw positive anti-ageing effects.
The mice that were used in the experiments typically live for approximately 3 years.

The one-year-old mice treated by this therapy lived 24% longer, and the two-year-old mice lived 13% longer. Not only did the mice live longer, but they lived in a much better health condition.
Both groups of mice suffered from fewer age-related health problems like osteoporosis and insulin resistance. And they were able to keep up with the activity of younger mice, too.

Of course we have seen the very same results in humans with the Epitalon peptide, in Pr Khavinson’s clinical study on the scientists of the Russian Academy of Science. (pdf file: http://www.khavinson.ru/downloads/ibg.pdf)

For us, users of Epitalon, it is just one more confirmation that science found the Saint Graal of human health, the Elixir of Youth, that keep our body young and healthy!

I’m always so excited to share this kind of information with you, as we are doing it together, we are the first humans that will live very long and very happy and healthy!

I’m starting my 7th bottle of Epitalon, after 3 weeks off, as I was traveling across continents. After almost 1 month without taking Epitalon I can confirm that the effects have stayed as they were, I am still feeling 10 years younger than before starting on Epitalon.
My hair and nails are still growing strong, and my vital energy and stamina are still high.

But I am sure I can improve it even more by swallowing several more bottles of Epitalon. I told you I would take at least a dozen in a raw, and I am well on my way! That’s the gift from life to welcome me in my forties … and I wish you all the same amazing results that I got, and I am sure the older you are, the greater the benefits will be, bringing you 15 or 30 years back in time, when you were feeling good and young!

Jules Trésor.

You can access the full article for free herehttp://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1002/emmm.201200245/full

Peptide of pineal gland to prolong human life.


 Hello and good reading,

Today we have a tool to fight aging that is available to purchase!

Since 2013 the peptide Epitalon was made available, the only product ever proved scientifically as extending human lifespan.

Epitalon is a bioregulator for the endocrine system, especially for the pineal gland, may be the most important gland for human lifespan and good health, and is also the only product prooved to lenghten telomeres in human cells.
Telomeres are the biologic clocks of our body, and lengthening them through production of telomerase is the best way known to extend life and maintain good health till the last days.

Our pineal gland is the controler of our biological clocks, it regulates our day and night cycle with melatonin, and regulates our lifespan with telomerase, the hormone that can lengthen our telomeres.

Peptides of pineal gland and thymus prolong human life.[1]

Researchers of the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of the North-Western Branch of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences and the Institute of Gerontology of the Ukrainian Academy of Medical Sciences (Kiev) clinically assessed the geroprotective effects of thymic (Thymalin) and pineal (Epithalamin) peptide bioregulators in 266 elderly and older persons during 6-8 years. The bioregulators were applied for the first 2-3 years of observation.

The obtained results convincingly showed the ability of the bioregulators to normalize the basic functions of the human organism, i.e. to improve the indices of cardiovascular, endocrine, immune and nervous systems, homeostasis and metabolism.

Homeostasis restoration was accompanied by a 2.0-2.4-fold decrease in acute respiratory disease incidence, reduced incidence of the clinical manifestations of ischemic heart disease, hypertension disease, deforming osteoarthrosis and osteoporosis as compared to the control.
Such a significant improvement in the health state of the peptide-treated patients correlated with decreased mortality rate during observation: 2.0-2.1-fold in the Thymalin-treated group; 1.6-1.8-fold in the Epithalamin-treated group; 2.5-fold in the patients treated with Thymalin plus Epithalamin as compared to the control. A separate group of patients was treated with Thymalin in combination with Epithalamin annually for 6 years and their mortality rate decreased 4.1 times as compared to the control.

The obtained data confirmed the high geroprotective efficacy of Thymalin and Epithalamin and the expediency of their application in medicine and social care for health maintenance and age-related pathology prevention in persons over 60 to prolong their active longevity.
PMID: 14523363

Our pineal gland is one of the most important element to run our body properly:

More than 13.000 studies about the pineal gland are already published in English on PuMed,[2] proving the interest and importance of this organ.

Exemple :
– Human pineal physiology and functional significance of melatonin.
Descriptions of the pineal gland date back to antiquity, but its functions in humans are still poorly understood. In both diurnal and nocturnal vertebrates, its main product, the hormone melatonin, is synthesized and released in rhythmic fashion, during the dark portion of the day-night cycle.
Although humans are not considered photoperiodic, the occurrence of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) and its successful treatment with light suggest that they have retained some photoperiodic responsiveness.
A rapidly expanding literature attests to the involvement of melatonin in immune function, with high levels promoting and low levels suppressing a number of immune system parameters. The detection of melatonin receptors in various lymphoid organs and in lymphocytes suggests multiple mechanisms of action. Melatonin has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant, and has oncostatic properties as well, both direct and indirect, the latter mediated by its effects on reproductive hormones.

Melatonin is crucial to good health and it is produced by our pineal gland:

More than 19.000 studies about melatonin are already published in English on PuMed! [4]

The most studied subject in relation to the pineal gland seems to be Melatonin, an hormone produced by our pineal gland who plays a very important role in the health of our body, starting with regulating our sleeping patern.
Many people report sleeping much better and deeper after taking Epitalon. Moods improve, our body has more time to repair and detoxify itself during a good night of sleep.

A very large spectrum of human fonctions are improved by a proper production of melatonin in the pineal gland, as you can see in these long lists of scientific studies! That’s just a major factor to maintain our health.

Exemples :
– Melatonin: a master hormone and a candidate for universal panacea. [5]
The molecule of melatonin seems to have been evolutionarily conserved. Its presence has been demonstrated in almost all groups of organisms, from plants, protozoa to people. During evolution, melatonin is claimed to have mediated dark adaptation. The universal presence of melatonin may be because it is lipophilic in nature which enables it to cross all biological (lipid membrane) barriers and to diffuse into every compartment of the cell, and because it serves as an antioxidant and is used as a free radical scavenger.
The role of melatonin in organisms physiology has now been widely recognized, and the wealth of information accumulated in the past two decades indicate it to be the best hormone candidate to be investigated for a universal panacea.

– Melatonin: Nature’s most versatile biological signal? [6]
In most vertebrates, including humans, melatonin is synthesized primarily in the pineal gland and is regulated by the environmental light/dark cycle via the suprachiasmatic nucleus.
Melatonin is principally secreted at night and is centrally involved in sleep regulation, as well as in a number of other cyclical bodily activities.
Melatonin participates in diverse physiological functions. In addition to its timekeeping functions, melatonin is an effective antioxidant which scavenges free radicals and up-regulates several antioxidant enzymes.
Melatonin’s cytoprotective properties have practical implications in the treatment of neurodegenerative diseases. Melatonin also has immune-enhancing and oncostatic properties. Its ‘chronobiotic’ properties have been shown to have value in treating various circadian rhythm sleep disorders, such as jet lag or shift-work sleep disorder.
Taken together, this evidence implicates melatonin in a broad range of effects with a significant regulatory influence over many of the body’s physiological functions.

We can limit the premature destruction of our telomeres but we can not extend them at will. Or rather we could not, because since the discovery of this limit due to our telomeres, many researchers have invested their time to find a solution.
They made the assumption that there must be a way to stimulate the production of long telomeres in cells, to overcome this deadly biological limit.


Thousands of products and substances have been tested around the world and in recent decades, and one product has met these conditions over multiple laboratory and human studies in real life conditions.
It is Epitalon, the only substance that is actually scientifically proven as lengthening the telomeres of human cells.

Many products are sold as telomerase activators, but only one really works and has been proven in multiple independent studies, and this is Epitalon.
There is no other product for which there is scientific evidence of its positive activity on telomeres. Ask the sellers of products such as TA-65 or Astragaloside to provide you even a single published scientific evidence, and you will find that they do not have any.
They sell you wind of hope, but nothing works. By cons you can read for yourself the dozens of scientific studies published internationally on Epitalon.

Base your purchase on the science that proves the effect of the product and chose a qualified manufacturer that offers the best quality possible, and so you make a good purchase.

The choice is simple for those who want to extend their life and enable their cells to replicate continuously without fault, take Epitalon!

In addition, Epitalon not only lengthen our telomeres, it also regulates many functions of our body, such as hormonal and immune functions. Many people feel very fast improvements in many areas.
Many studies also confirm the incredible effects of Epitalon on various health problems. We will make a more detailed list soon, stay tuned.

So spread the word, ” Aging is not a fatality , it can be reversed ! “

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What is epitalon ?

Epitalon is a small peptide composed only of 4 amino-acides. It is so small that it can penetrate into the body from the mouth, or even through the skin. It can be taken as drops under the tongue or in a cream rubber on the skin.

This tetrapeptide is made of L-alanyl-L-gluthamyl-L-asparagyl-glycine and correspond to the general formula L-Ala-L-Glu-L-Asp-Gly. CAS No. 307297-39-8.
Formula : C14 H22 N4 O9. Molecular Formula: 390.3459. Synonymes: Epithalon ; Epithalone

The process for preventing aging is to take the substance in doses going from 1 to 10mg per day and during the necessary period to obtain a therapeutic effect.

It has been discovered and synthetised by the Professor Khavinson and his team, around 15 years ago. Epitalon reproduces the effect of an enzyme produced by the pineal gland, epythalamin, that’s why it is called epitalon.

This peptide is a bioregulator, and it stimulates, among other actions, the production of telomerase in human cells. This telomerase is then able to reconstruct the telomeres, these protectors of the DNA that becomes shorter after each cell duplication, rejuvenating the cell to its younger form.

Scientific studies show that telomeres lengthen after taking Epitalon. The biological clock of the cell is reset, the cell regains its integrity and can start to multiply again, to repair the body’s immune system, maintain organs at their optimal level, and continue the growth of the body.

Daily intake of epithalon by the elderly, namely the older members of the eminent Russian Academy of Sciences, has enabled many of them to increase their longevity. Mortality in this assembly was reduced by 30 to 50% over seven years in those who took it.


Millions of Russians have already taken Epitalon because it is available in some medical centers in this country. One may think that the world has not really heard of Epitalon because there is some reactionary blockage toward Russians. It is true that we are used to see more technological breakthroughs coming from the USA. Is there a propaganda in scientific and Western media that prevents many good products to reach us? I do not doubt it for a minute!
To this day Epitalon was only available for research and medical centers. Especially because there are patents filed by Professor Khavison, in USA, Europe and Asia.

But fortunately there is a company that is responsible for making it available to the public! Here you can visit their website Biotrends

# Numerous scientific links on “epitalon” at Wikigenes