Amazing testimonials by Epitalon users

We asked some news from Jules Tresor in October 2013.

He was one of the first users of our Epitalon :

Just a short note to tell you that I still take my Epitalon daily. I’m in my tenth month and I am always improving.

I didn’t fell sick once during these 10 months, whereas usually I often suffered from colds with air conditioning here.
My immune system is much better than before starting Epitalon. This can also be seen on my face, my hair and nails are in so good shape.

Very important too, my eyesight has much improved, I already was considering having to wear glasses to read, it is no longer necessary ! I regularly put a little Epitalon (without alcohol) in my eyes, I think it accelerates its effects locally.

All the people I had not seen for several months have been very surprised to see me younger. We are entering a new era, where for the first time in history we are talking about rejuvenation. Until now it was thought impossible and nobody imagined it …

My physical performance level is excellent, I’m great, I started this new sport for young people (see the photos on their website), the “freeletics” for FREE-ATHLETICS.
This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. It is extremely intense, and against the clock.
And in spite of being past forty, and after years without exercise, I can finish each session, and I progress very quickly!

When I think that that 10 months ago I was beginning to suffer the symptoms of andropause, I was sleeping less and less well, had muscle and joint pain every morning and started to get depressed seeing my aging face in the mirror, my life has completely changed now!

Your Epitalon did for me what I could not imagine, and I’m not ready to stop to take! I’m about 1 bottle per week.

In addition it has whetted my curiosity to find other products and methods that could also contribute to rejuvenation, so much that it is my present and future that have been illuminated by your Super Peptide!
Thank you one million times, JT.

(Sorry for no pictures, know that I do not take pictures, I like to live in the present and not on memories. I hope that my words will be enough for you.)

# We have many other very positive testimonials from users of our Epitalon, and below we describe some such dramatic effects.

Of course the primary purpose of taking Epitalon is in the long term, it is to lengthen our telomeres to rejuvenate our cells and allow them to duplicate without genetic errors for many more years.

Each dose of Epitalon will reactivate the production of telomerase in a corresponding number of cells, and allow the lengthening of their telomeres, which are essential for cells to reporduce without genetic defects.

But in addition, and this is what might be generating many spectacular effects, Epitalon is a bio regulator, i.e. it simulates the activity of an hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is one of the most important glands in our body.
The pineal gland controls many processes in our body through the signals it sends.

Among the many effects reported by our users of Epitalon, here are those most commonly encountered:

– An increase in physical energy
– A deeper and more restful sleep, with more dreams
– A decrease in the size of the pores of the skin, it also becomes softer
– A tightening of the skin and facial features
– A strong improvement in the health of nails and hair, becoming thicker and stronger
– Improved vision (especially with drops of Pure Epitalon in the eyes, without alcohol of course)
– A much better resistance to infectious diseases, flu, colds, etc. …
– An appeasement of excessive moods like anxiety, anger, depression, etc. …
– A feeling of well-being, une “joie de vivre”, a return of libido
– The disappearance of body and joint pains
– Improved reflexes and nerve function
– A great improvement in intelectual capacity, concentration and labor

This long list of improvements sometimes encountered right from the early doses of Epitalon confirm the many scientific studies conducted since the early 90s.

Due to the many laws that prohibit clamming positive health effects of products that are not registered as medicines, we unfortunately can not publish the evidence we receive.
We do our best to ensure that the message passes about the incredible efficiency at the cellular level of our Epitalon, but we do not want to jeopardize our activity by publishing testimonials.

We hope you take our word, and that by talking about your experience on the internet you can get in touch with other of our users, which will confirm you the importance of Epitalon.

We have many users who order our Epitalon since we decided to market to the general public earlier this year. Some people have already ordered many times!

Thank you again for your trust, we do our best to satisfy you 100%.

Epitalon is the best existing investment for GOOD HEALTH !

Here you can visit their website Biotrends

# From a Doctor in Thailand, May 2013 :

Medical Dotcor S., 55 years old, from North Thailand, bought 4 bottles of Epitalon 2 months ago.
He finished already 3 bottles, but has interrupted a lot his cure due to international professional travels (going to neighbouring countries by car).

From the second day after he started, his facial skin tightened and his small wrinkles were less visible, and after 1 week they were barely noticeable!

He also has strong anxiety. He couldn’t fly in an air plane, and could not look down from high places. Even just thinking about flying would make him feel a strong discomfort.
He told me that now his anxiety has decreased, but not yet completely disappeared. Now if he thinks about flying he is less frightened than before starting using Epitalon.
He could get better results by taking his drops on a regular basis!

# A French testimonial received on March 2013:

Hello Jules Tresor,
I take Epitalon since 1 month.

The changes are amazing! I am 80 years old, my physical capacity and my happy mood have returned, and now that accompanies the return of my libido, I hope it lasts!
Why this product didn’t come sooner. All my gratitude for letting me know about this solution.

I really don’t know how to thank you, if you are interested in my testimony I authorize you to publish it. Again thank you,
Mr Léon S./ Born in 1932

# New French testimonial received on March 2013:

I am absolutely amazed by the effect of this product.

I certainly know to be particularly sensitive to processes occurring in my body-field, but with only an initial 3 drops this morning, I felt all day a very clear renewed vitality and tone that I did not experience for years.

I made a long walk (6 km) with unusual enthusiasm and without feeling any fatigue.
In addition I have also noticed a change in the psychic level, with a mind focused very optimistic particularly clear and joyful.
It’s 1am and I still in incredible shape.

These effects are truly amazing with nothing but a single shot, and I have no doubt that I will have many more surprises in the coming weeks.
I will share my testimony further.

Jules thank you wholeheartedly for sharing this information and having given me access to Epitalon.
Warmly to you.
Lionel S.

# First French testimonial received!

I only used one bottle so far, with 6 drops per day.
I have a form of hell, I sleep like a baby, and more miracle happened;

I had an accident with falling from a roof 4.5m high, fractured several vertebrae and got the installation of two metallic plates.
Since this operation I had a lot of pain. But since I take the Epitalon miracle, my pain is almost gone!

My libido is back from 55 years to 30 years … I quickly placed an order for four more bottles to continue this adventure.
Thank you again. Roland P.

Note JT: Thank you for sending me this great testimony to share with my readers. As for me I’m on my fifth bottle. Amazing things happen, as I discuss in my own testimony updated regularly.

Last week, Cambodia, I met several people I had not seen for two months, that was before I started taking Epitalon …
The response was unanimous and very surprised: what happened to you that you look so young now!
Every day I feel younger and I am more happy to live!
Thank you Epitalon!

Another anecdote: My best friend told me, reading the name on the box of the bottle:
“It sounds like instead of Epitalon it’s written Stallion!” We can say that it was a revealing reading error, because men taking Epitalon find their form as in their youth!
This announces happy moments in perspective in the cottages where Epitalon is consumed!

# By Jules Trésor (original in French):

I started taking epithalon 3 weeks ago, on 03 January 2013. One day I’ll never forget!
That’s after reading the testimony of Dr. Hertoghe in his “Private Consultation”, that I discovered this amazing tetrapeptide. After some research and contacts I have learned a lot about Epitalon, and I could get some bottles sold for experimental use.

The first day, I started slowly, with only two doses of 1.8 mg. Some say it is a lot, but knowing that there is no risk of allergy or overdose or toxicity, there is no reason not to do that. After all I have 100 trillion cells in my body to rejuvenate, so I will need a lot of these small epitalon peptides reparators!

By the second day in the morning I felt things that were happening, a sense of joie de vivre, an alarm clock on the right foot as they say. So I went to 4 doses per day, or about 7 mg per day.
This dose is recommended rather for someone already very ill or elderly, for example over 70 years. But as there is no risk of overdose, excess peptide possibly not being used is simply removed by the body, everyone should be able to take this dose. This of course depends on the financial resources that you want to spend, the product is still quite expensive compared to simple vitamins!

So I will not detail my days, I will try to simply summarize the situation in a clear manner:

Three weeks ago, and for years I avoided mirrors, because I was there face dull, old and wrinkled, making 10 years older than my age. With a lot of grey hair too, people did grin when I gave my age …

After 3 weeks under Epitalon I looked in the worst mirror (the one under a lighting that gives you even more years), and I was surprised, I could not believe my eyes, I felt young and radiant, and no dark ideas jumped on me!
I finally found that I am my age, forty, then I look more closely, turn my head 3 quarts, and …. 35!
I’m 35, not 40! It’s amazing, because 3 weeks ago I was looking 50!
I look 15 years younger already in 3 weeks

And it is not only external appearance, but inside I feel so rejuvenated too!
I sleep like a log, I have long nights without waking up to go to the bathroom and I even did a sleep until 10 am, a thing I couldn’t do any more since long ago! What a joy to sleep so late.

I jump up in the morning, I do my routines without noticing it, especially without the gloomy thoughts that assaulted me before, I’m just happy when I get up.

I want more life, to drink a coffee or eat even early in the morning, whereas before I was too “enfarinné” to go in public places.
I’m happy, I smile and laugh with people.

For over a week I did not take the elevator, even with the overwhelming heat and humidity, and so I go 20 flights of stairs a day (and I also descent by foot). Worse, is that sometimes I surprise myself running up the stairs, on tiptoe, and laughing at the ease with which I do this.

Other facts that can not lie and prove that it works:

My nails grow faster. Now I have to cut them every 4-5 days, 10-15 days before that. And they became thick and perfect.
My hair is thick and shiny, while it was dull, thin and dry before.
– The skin on my face is bright and tight while it was dull and heavy before.
– When I pinch my skin it returns much faster in position than previously, which proves that it is more flexible.
Small wounds heal faster.
– My libido and my fitness are raised, at the top level.
– I grignotte much less, and I need smaller meals for my energy.
My reflexes are much faster, for example I catch flies at once, without effort.
– I had heart palpitations when I would drink a coffee, even small, now I drink 10 per day without any feeling, except more energy!

My meditation sessions are intense, and I dream intensely almost every morning, with a sense of control of the dream, I love it.

That’s it, a real young man, after only 2 bottles of Epitalon or 100mg. This may seem unbelievable, but it’s true, and as Epitalon is now on sale to the public, it is up to you to try!

In addition, scientific results as shown (see files), that telomerase activation makes youth in cells at the genetic level, so this feeling young again is not due to Epitalon itself or a temporary effect, it is cells that rejuvenate immediately and thus allow the body, organs, brain, muscles, to work better and to repair again to 100%.

This is not a surface effect, it is the cells that rejuvenate themselves!…

So to try to make a list of what has improved, we can say that I was suffering from andropause and now it is not only ended, but also my body in its entirety, will be young again.

I suffered fatigue, unexplained muscle and tendon pain, negative thoughts getting worse every year, loss of interest in things of life (libido to zero …), with a skin becoming dry much more easily, difficulty sleeping deeply, difficulty concentrating, lack of confidence, irritability and indifference to others, and quickly tired at work.

Today I work at least 2 times more, and without fatigue, the undeniable proof being this website you read, I just realized that in less than 10 days
10 pages in 10 days, including translations, readings and selections from hundreds of documents found, I promise you that I would absolutely not have done this last month.
The last time I spent 10 hours a day working on my computer, and for several days in a row, was several years ago!

I support moist and heat much better, and turn on the air conditioning much less. I live under the equatorial sun since a long time, resulting in fatigue and damages of the skin and the body more quickly. Scientific studies show 30% less lifespan for those who live in such tropical climates, like me.

I avoided going out at times when everyone enjoy the late afternoon, to walk among people was not my thing. I suffered from an ever growing lack of self-confidence. These days, I do not even think about it, I want to get out and go somewhere, well I do, head up as before, and I take great pleasure at it!

I am very selective in my choice of food and I take a lot of supplements (a dozen) since many years, which helped me well to be in the best shape possible. I would stop everything to keep only the Epitalon if I had to make a choice.

Nothing can replace this product if it is for another telomerase activator of course. But I do not know of another one that efficient or less expensive.

20 years ago I read the first articles about telomeres, in magazines such as Life and Science, and I thought that one day, perhaps in my lifetime, we could lengthen these telomeres in a way that our body continues to live indefinitely … well today I take this product every day, and I already feel the benefits!
Is not it amazing what science and scientists can do?

I’m on a cloud of happiness in recent weeks.
Thank you for taking the time to read this, good luck to you, and good and long life to you! J.T.

PS : About the laboratory, that at my request, agrees to sell some epitalon to the public, they tell me they will limit orders by country, because they are not an industry and do not want to provide the entire planet. There is a limit of 50 or 100 bottles per week sent by countries.
Other orders will be placed on the waiting list for a quote and will be sent when it is your turn. No advance payment therefore.
Of course I’m sure they will change their opinion if they receive hundreds of orders in a short time, and they will increase their supply of Epitalon. But for now, the first to order, first served. I am aware that 50 or 100 bottles per week is not much for the 4,500 people I send this email to but I can not change anything.

Lucky for you, I am the first and still the only one to give the address of this company, but I know that a website is already preparing in Spanish, and others are planned in Asian languages … so it should be in the next few weeks, many people on it!

# Update February 15, 2013:

I finished my fifth bottle a few days ago. I will begin my sixth in a few days. It seems to me that my body repairs itself step by step.

During the first bottle I found a deep sleep and physical energy. In the second I noticed sensations in the head, brain, and I regained my ability to think intensely without tiring.

The third bottle really made me see myself in the mirror younger, 15 years younger, my hair becoming thick and silky again, and my nails became very strong and perfect, and my face seems to have undergone a facelift, with skin become light and soft as a baby.

In the fourth bottle I noticed frequent sensations in my spine, and the constant need to stretch like a cat, the disappearance of all my chronic muscle pain, especially after workout.

And there, in the fifth bottle, surpise is great because it is something impossible that happens. As a teenager I had a deep cut at the base of the thumb, where a nerve was severed without reforming. This place was always very sensitive, for over 25 years now. And the miracle happens, the nerve rebuilts itself because the location of the wound becomes less sensitive over days, and I feel that within the flesh the nerve returns to normal and my thumb works more as before.

All these things add up to show me that my body seems to rise from the inside, along with the number of bottles I take. I would like every cell in my body to be rejuvenated and I think I’ll do this for a course of a few months Epitalon, and then I will slow down to 2 bottles per month, then one only.
And maybe one day I will need to take Epitalon only 2 or 3 times a year to keep my regained youth … In any case, the effects are amazing, and I expect every person who takes it to share their own findings for comparison.

# From Dr Hertoghe :

Telomerase activators hit the market !

Medicine is changing by leaps and bounds and activators of telomerase play a strategic role in this progress for reversing the aging process. I take myself some epithalon, a small molecule produced in our pineal gland, a small gland located behind and to the base of the brain which is also produced melatonin, the sleep hormone.

The daily injection of epithalon for ten days every six months, the elderly, namely the older members of the eminent Russian Academy of Sciences, has enabled many of them to increase their longevity. Mortality in this assembly was reduced by 30 to 50% over seven years in those who took it. The épithalon is only accessible to experts and to those who will in consultation with the Institute of Gerontology of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg.

For three years, since the age of 52, I practiced on myself regularly every four to eight months some hormone injections around the eyes to improve my sight. This allows me not to have to wear reading glasses. The last dose over a year. However, four months after the last injection, I felt again the urgent need to redo a session because my presbyopia resumed. It is at this point that I started taking the epithalon daily doses included in a preparation where they are combined with growth hormone and other hormones injections. My eyesight was restored and is again almost perfect, enough anyway to read a book without glasses, even at dusk. End of quote.

# From a friend :

who takes Epitalon since over a year, and confirms that the rejuvenation effect is continuous, even as he takes ony 1 or 2 mg per day.

The following are the things that I noticed during the first period of taking Epitalon and have continued ever since:

– A deeper sleep (not waking up in the middle of the night).
– Begin to remember dreams, vivid dreams. I guess that means I dream up a lot before my waking in the morning.
– I have more energy throughout the day, especially in my workouts.
– Recovery time quicker and less pain after long workouts.
– I stopped so easily fall asleep during the day.
– Feeling back in my left big toe that had been lost due to past gout crises.
– I begin to feel tingling in my right index finger where I had lost all feeling.
– My digestion became more uniform.
– Gray hair diminished on my temples.

I also played around with the dosage just to see if I could cause side effects (overdose). I took up 10mg at once, without any side effects.

My wife began to Epitalon now and changes are not only immediate, but also very deep. She did not need to take much, only 1 to 1.5 mg per day, but must take it regularly. Her emotional crisis is back in 3 days if she does not take it. She may still be depressed, but she is no more violent, no more talk of suicide, no more back and forth between depression and euphoria as before. Her state of mind and mood seem to be on a trajectory more stable and clear.
As for me I am taking 2mg per day and will probably continue to do so for the year to come.

# Epitalon, French testimony received!

Dear Jules,
Epitalon: I have consumed 3 bottles in less than 3 weeks.
Undeniable results, although much less than yours.

This is my fault: after a week of treatment, I was smoking again for 2 days.
I have lost the benefit of that first week.

Situation: 63 years old, looks to have 10 or 15 less (according to fatigue), the legacy of many motorcycle accidents, other sequelae of medical errors, and feet a little paralyzed for 10 years by poisoning which I discovered by accident, that was caused by tap water when it is not severely filtered.
All corrected by the practice of martial arts (aikido and tai ji) almost every day. I am painter.

The first effect of Epitalon, after two days, was to wiggle your toes (I can do but I can not put them in range) and want to have when I’m barefoot.
Today I climbed my 2 floors with less effort than before, no more.
My face has not changed. But my hair has started to curl a lot.

I have more energy on the mat, and one of my teachers said yesterday that my body became enlighted.
Finally I have a lot less trouble to take care of unpleasant routines (cleaning, storage).

And this is a tremendous result!
Ayin B.

# Epitalon, French testimony received!

I congratulate you for this product that restores a general well-being nice to support …..
As a therapist I am also interested in the ressell of Epitalon.
best regards
Claude P., Lausanne / Switzerland