February 20, 2017

What we can learn from centenarians

 Hello to all,

I am always in good shape and look much younger than my age, everyone bears witness to it!

I continue taking epitalon every night with the Biotrends Nouvelle-Vie anti-aging capsules, and every day my 1 or 2 doses of NAD+ powder to rejuvenate my cells, mitochondria, skin and whole body in general.

In photo Robert Marchand, age 105, who made a new track record in his category!

Without Biotrends’ products that I discovered at the end of 2012, I would never have rejuvenated as I did!

Of course, physical exercise, food, and joie de vivre can contribute to staying healthy and living long enough … but without taking control of things and taking advantage of the revolutionary scientific discoveries and the products that flow from it, Hardly better than our ancestors.

2016 was even the first year in a long time when the average length of life in the United States decreased! Unbelievable ! With the poisoning of our air, water and food, as well as media hype to force us into a completely destructive lifestyle, they have succeeded in killing people faster than in previous years.

In any case, I take my destiny in my hand and invest in my health and longevity by supplying myself with vitamin C for my cardiovascular health, MMS to hold pathogens in the distance, and in anti-aging products from Biotrends on a daily basis. It’s up to you to see if your life is worth it …

Here are some recent press reports:

The number of centenarians increases. Besides, the experts think that the first person who will live more than 150 years is already born! With medical advances, stem cells, 3D organ impression, and recent dietary supplements, this goal will be increasingly easy to achieve.

But for the tens of thousands of centenarians already existing and the few 60 super-centenarians (more than 110 years), this longevity was not due to these scientific advances.

There are those who have never contracted the major diseases of age, such as dementia or cancer or cardiovascular problems. But the majority of the centenarians are those who have developed these diseases but have continued to live in spite of this, or have cured them. So hope is there for all of us, but only if we take the necessary measures, if we are foresightful and proactive.

A healthy diet is very important

Everyone agrees that what one eats allows our body to stay well and to repair itself, or not. Most centenarians consider their food to be an important element. Fish and vegetables appear to be always present in quantity.

But most recognize allowing themselves small excesses from time to time. Jeanne Calment liked to drink porto wine and eat chocolate, and smoked cigarettes until she was 110!

Have a positive attitude

It is clear that most centenarians love life and are optimistic. Having a positive and caring character is an essential point. Do not count the years but take pleasure in the present. The age is counted only in the years of life, but not in the heart. You have to feel young and want to be young to live long.

Stress must be avoided despite an often turbulent environment. For example some of the current super centenarians lived through the 2 world wars, so a lot of stress at times. But a relaxed attitude to the turmoil surrounding us is important.

Keeping an active life

Many centenarians seem to be well connected in a rich social environment, which is of course common for people who love life. They always have plans, even at an advanced age.

Many remain active well beyond the retirement age, and have volunteer activities several times a week.

Sport is also an advantage but not necessarily present in everybody.

The progress of the anti-age struggle is constantly at the center of private conversations but also public.

It is only in the last few years that we have studied seriously the possibilities of no longer aging.
This dream that has existed since the dawn of time is finally on the way to becoming a reality.
Scientific and medical studies are underway in thousands of laboratories around the world.

What I take every day: Epitalon + Carnosine + NAD

The only high quality product available to individuals, only now recommended by Jules Treasury today in June 2016, is the one manufactured by BioTrends company, which is present in their product Nouvelle-Vie, the only supplement with 4 anti-aging molecules and effects that work in synergy with Epitalon and L-Carnosine to further increase beneficial effects.


The Epitalon in Nouvelle-Vie is of perfect quality, more than 98% pure, because it is also sent to universities and research laboratories worldwide. We know only three laboratories in the world who know how to make Epitalon, but they are the only ones making some of such purity and to make it accessible to the public.
It is essential that you use the best available quality of Epitalon, even if you pay more, because the products of poor quality still contain contaminants that could make you sick.


biotrends_nad-boite-60gracts not on DNA but on the mitochondria, the elements that produce ATP energy for the cells and the whole body.
NAD+ restores vitality to cells and thus the muscles and all organs, hence the sensation of full energy and athletic performance increase for those who take it.
But this cell revival and rejuvenation also allows them to rebuild and clean of wastes accumulated over the years, and therefore they can better function for their entire life.

➡ The information on NAD+ is here.

nouvelle-vie-epitalon-english-1So spread the word, “Aging is not inevitable, it can be stopped! “

BioTrends is hoping that their service will satisfy you 100%, do not hesitate to contact them on their website for any questions.

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Good health and long life to you!

Jules Trésor

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