Epithalon file, the Dr. Thierry Hertogue


I discovered Epithalon while reading the newsletter in French named “Consultation Privée” from Doctor Hertoghe in December 2012. You can subscribe for around 70 USD per year, through this website Santé Nature Innovation

(First you must subscribe to their free newsletter, and then only you will receive their offer about Dr Hertoghe’s Private newsletter)


The main topic of this letter concerned the hormone oxytocin, but in the “Latest” section, pages 9 and 10, I read to my amazement:

Activators of telomerase hit the market!

Medicine is changing by leaps and bounds and activators of telomerase play a strategic role in this progress for reversing the aging process. I take myself epithalon, a small molecule produced in our pineal gland, a small gland located behind and to the base of the brain which is also where melatonin is produced, the sleep hormone.

The daily injection of epithalon for ten days every six months, to the elderly, namely the older members of the eminent Russian Academy of Sciences, has enabled many of them to increase their longevity. Mortality in this assembly was reduced by 30 to 50% over seven years in those who took it. The epithalon is only accessible to experts and to those who go in consultation with the Institute of Gerontology of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg.

For three years, since the age of 52, I practiced on myself, regularly every four to eight months, some hormone injections around the eyes to improve my sight. This allows me to not have to wear reading glasses. The last dose was over a year ago. However, four months after the last injection, I felt again the urgent need to redo a session because my presbyopia resumed. It is at this point that I started taking the daily microdoses of epithalon, included in a preparation where it’s combined with growth hormone and other hormones injections. My eyesight was restored and is again almost perfect, enough anyway to read a book without glasses, even at dusk. End of quote.

I was excited by this statement, which spoke of a scientific study that showed a considerable increase (30 to 50%) of the lives of its participants, as well as the correction of presbyopia with injections!
So I started looking for any scientific information available on this product announced as having effects that I describe as miraculous!

This was the start of my quest for this amazing product, which resulted in the creation of this website.

He also speaks of another product, the TA-65 …

I will certainly keep you informed. TA 65 (telomerase activator 65) himself is much more easily accessible. This product is extracted from the astragalus (an herb native to Asia) taken as one to two capsules per day. It is quite expensive: treatment totaled around 600 $ per month 500 €). In addition, it has been so far only one important study practiced in volunteers and in rodents, but I received some testimonies of patients attesting to its beneficial effects. End of quote.

And I actually found a lot of information on this TA-65, but it seems much less effective than Epithalon, and especially it is very expensive, falling to at least 600 U.S. Dollars per month for a proper dosage!

I finally found a place where I can get some Epithalon as an individual (see link in the menu), and I started taking it since January 3, 2013, with noticeable effects immediately, from the first days! I speak in the “testimonies” page.

Dr. Hertoghe is a great hormone specialist, and here is an excerpt from his website www.hertoghe.eu

“Dr. Thierry Hertoghe practice actively medecine with patients. He publishes books on how to stay healthy longer and treat certain problems by correcting hormonal deficiencies. Together with his sister Theresa, Hertoghe is the fourth successive generation of physicians working with hormonal treatments – and since 1892 (after Eugène – former Vice President of the Royal Academy of Medicine of Belgium, Luc and Jacques Hertoghe – internist-endocrinologist).

Dr. Thierry Hertoghe speaks at numerous conferences and congresses. Many of these specialized gatherings are co-organized by him. He holds positions in several national and international medical organizations specializing in hormone therapy and / or fight against aging. He is president of the International Hormone Society (over 2,500 doctors) and the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (World Society of Anti-aging Medicine, over 7000 physicians). “

– He has published several books, some in French, you can find in bookstores or Amazonwww.hertoghe.eu

– He is also President of the World Society of Anti-Aging Medicine (WOSAAM).

– Vidéos presentations of his international conferences can be bought here www.prolibraries.com

– His Curriculum Vitae

– He publishes an online magazine http://issuu.com/lifespan-magazine