November 20, 2016


Science has shown that Epitalon is the most powerful factor ever found to stop the aging of the human body and to rejuvenate it.

This is the only product that is scientifically proven in clinical studies in humans and in laboratory studies on cells.
Since telomerase was discovered, it is known to be responsible for the construction and repair of telomeres, the protective ends of the strands of our DNA, which allow seamless and endless duplication of this DNA during the production of new cells.

Excerpt (from French): [Reference 1]
The Nobel of Medecine was awarded to three Americans, for their work on telomerase, an enzyme that could be the key to eternal youth.

“The solution to a major problem”

“This year’s Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine is awarded to three scientists who found the solution to a major problem in biology: how the chromosomes can be completely copied during cell division and how they are protected against degradation,” according the statement of the Committee.
“The Nobel Laureates have shown that the solution lay in the endings of chromosomes, telomeres, and in an enzyme that forms them, telomerase,” he adds.
“These findings have added a new dimension to our understanding of cell and informed the disease mechanisms and stimulated the development of potential new therapies,” the statement concluded.
End of excerpt.

Telomerase allows healthy cells to reproduce beyond the usual limit, to rejuvenate the body indefinitely without surgery, chemicals or hazardous materials.
Epitalon is the best known so far to reactivate the production of telomerase in our cells, and so to lengthen our telomeres during cell reproduction.

A regular intake of Epitalon can provide telomerase throughout the cell duplication, and gradually lengthen the telomeres of all our cells and rejuvenate the whole body!
Like all our cells do not reproduce at same time, some cycles are shorter or longer depending on the organs involved and also the conditions of life and the nutrition of each person, it is important to take Epitalon on a regular basis and for as long as possible.

Epitalon has been tested successfully for many years (1992-2007) by the scientists from the Institute of Gerontology of St. Petersburg.[2]
That shows how much it is safe, as renowned scientists have taken it themselves for years.

The results show an increase in the duration of healthy life by more than 7 years, taking Epitalon over a period of 12 years and only 20 days per year by the already aged scientists.
We can conclude that taking Epitalon permanently will allow us to live healthy and almost endlessly!

Examples of twins, who therefore have the same biological age and the exact same genetics, and yet the difference in appearance is obvious!


That is why Epitalon is the only telomerase activator which we can be sure of the effectiveness and benefits over the long term.
All other products called “telomerase activators” have no proven effects by scientific literature and even less by clinical studies on humans or even cells.

The temptation is great to buy a product cheaper than Epitalon believing it has the same effect, but unfortunately this is not the case, as only Epitalon is a proven telomerase activator.

Here are some of the many published scientific studies on Epitalon among the long official list [3]:

– In May 2004: A peptide (Epitalon) overcomes the limit of cell division in human somatic cells. [4]
– In June 2003: Epithalon peptide (Epitalon) induces telomerase activity and telomere elongation in human somatic cells. [5]
– In August 2002: Epitalon slows aging and suppresses the development of breast cancer in HER-2/neu mice. [6]
– In November 2000: Effects of Epithalone (Epitalon) on age-related changes in lipid peroxidation in the fly Drosophila melanogaster. [7]

I will contact you soon for further scientific studies on the effects of Epitalon against cancer, for the repair of the pineal gland and repair of the retina of the eye, etc. …

Telomere length is associated with all chronic diseases associated with aging, which means that when the body breaks down, the telomeres shorten and vice versa. And when the telomeres reach their lower limit, they become too short for the cell to reproduce.
Cells stopping to duplicate and thus prevent the body to renew itself, and organs are missing new cells to repair themselves, and begin gradually to function less and less, and finally stop working completely.

It is the whole body that needs to be repaired regularly and Epitalon allows cells to continue to reproduce division after division, lengthening telomeres, exceeding the limit of this biological clock that condemns us to die so quickly, when life is so good.

This telomere repair also prevents the proliferation of cancer cells, which are nothing more than cells that were poorly duplicated, because telomeres had become too short (I will provide references to scientific studies which demonstrate that, in a next post)

I hope that this scientific approach suits you, although unfortunately all these publications are still in technical terms.

The exceptional effects of Epitalon are not based on false evidence or on placebo effects, as some would have us believe, but on scientific and clinical studies published internationally for many years.

Moreover, the Epitalon sold by Biotrends is the same as that used in various scientific studies, and that is purchased in large quantities by universities worldwide. This is the best quality guarantie you could ask for!
Indeed there is a great growing international interest in Epitalon and its exceptional effects, and new studies are being conducted, but we will have the results in the coming years, some taking place over long periods.

People who take Epitalon regularly will confirm you the effects they feel, and the good health that goes with it, and that gets better over the years, all the organs of the body being gradually repaired and cells continuously rejuvenated.

Epitalon is the best investment for a GOOD HEALTH!

You can read my testimony of taking epitalon in 2013, and the rejuvenation that followed.

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What I take every day: Epitalon + Carnosine

The only high quality product available to individuals, only now recommended by Jules Treasury today in June 2016, is the one manufactured by BioTrends company, which is present in their product Nouvelle-Vie, the only supplement with 4 anti-aging molecules and effects that work in synergy with Epitalon and L-Carnosine to further increase beneficial effects.


The Epitalon in Nouvelle-Vie is of perfect quality, more than 98% pure, because it is also sent to universities and research laboratories worldwide. We know only three laboratories in the world who know how to make Epitalon, but they are the only ones making some of such purity and to make it accessible to the public.
It is essential that you use the best available quality of Epitalon, even if you pay more, because the products of poor quality still contain contaminants that could make you sick.

nouvelle-vie-epitalon-english-1So spread the word, “Aging is not inevitable, it can be stopped! “

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Good health and long life to you!

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