March 20, 2015

Epitalon – Telomeres control your longevity!

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The Spanish National Centre for Research on Cancer has published more than 80 scientific studies of telomeres and telomerase. [1]
This is one of the most serious world research center. They have a group dedicated to telomeres and telomerase research, and here is an excerpt from one of their studies:

# A successful telomerase gene therapy against ageing-associated decline [2]

A major goal in ageing research is to increase the length of a disease-free life, also known as ‘health span’.
Telomeres have been linked with ageing and disease; in mice, genetic manipulations that shorten or lengthen telomeres result, respectively, in decreased or increased longevity.

Therapies that impact on telomere length are thus expected to have an impact on health span. We tested the effects of a telomerase gene therapy in adult (1-year) and old (2-year) mice.
Treatment of both groups with a viral vector (AVV9) of efficient viral infection (FIGURE 1) and wide tropism expressing mouse telomerase demonstrated beneficial effects on health and fitness, improving several molecular biomarkers of ageing.

Telomerase-treated mice did not develop more neoplasias as compared to controls; thus, the known tumourigenic activity of telomerase is markedly decreased when expressed in adult or old organisms by using this strategy.

Re-introduction of telomerase in both 1-and 2-year old mice increased their median lifespan by 24% and 13%, respectively.
Our results constitute a proof-of-principle for a role of telomerase in delaying physiological ageing, improvement of health span, and extension of longevity in normal mice.

Our telomerase based gene therapy represents a novel type of therapeutic intervention against various age-related diseases. (End of excerpt)

# Of course we can hope that one day we will be able to act directly on our genes, directely in our cells, to stop the aging of our body, but it certainly will take several decades of further waiting.

To the contrary, with our Epitalon, the only product for Universities and Research Laboratories that is available to individuals, you can lengthen your telomeres today, without waiting any longer.

There are many scientific studies that have shown the incredible effects of Epitalon, as you can read in our regular newsletters.

All other products called “telomerase activators” have no proven effects by scientific literature and even less by clinical studies on humans or even cells.
The temptation is great to buy a product cheaper than Epitalon believing it has the same effect, but unfortunately this is not the case, as only Epitalon is a proven telomerase activator.



[1] ‘Telomere and Telomerase Research Group’. Online here
[2] “A successful telomerase gene therapy against ageing-associated decline without increasing cancer”. Online here