August 20, 2014

Epitalon for telomeres, the major player in fighting ageing!

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Below we list a few studies that are showing how long telomeres are crucial to live a long and healthy life.

During scientific studies, it has been shown that the addition of Epitalon tetrapeptide (Ala-Glu-Asp-Gly) in a culture of human lung fibroblasts induced gene expression of telomerase and the length of telomeres was multiplied by 2.4. The activation of gene expression is accompanied by an increased number of cell divisions (42.5%), which is evidence of exceeding the Hayflick limit [1,2].

Epitalon is the only supplement that has ever been proved by scientific studies to lenghten telomeres. Today, if you want to live longer, you have to repare and restart manufacturing telomeres to protect the ends of your genes, to enable your cells to replicate without DNA errors, and beyond the Hayflick limit.

# The body’s clock that control almost all signs of aging is well know from scientists

Every year new studies are published that show the common factor between people who are healthier and younger-looking than other people their age: longer telomeres.[3,4,5]
That’s why keeping your telomeres long and healthy is one of the most important things you can do to keep the rest of your body youthful and strong.

# Identical Twin Study Shows Longer Telomeres Make You “Younger”

There was a study of identical twins – one of the most interesting and useful kind of studies you can have. Participants were asked to look at photos of 913 pairs of twins, side by side, and choose which one of the twins looked younger.
When they looked at the photos, the twin that looked younger turned out to be the one with the longer telomeres. These twins also had better health than their older-looking siblings.[5]
And that’s not the only thing that studies show us about telomeres. Research also shows us that every part of your body is affected by shortening telomeres. It gets harder for your heart, brain, kidneys, lungs, pancreas and other organs to do their jobs as your telomeres get shorter.

Here’s an example. There’s a type of tissue in your cardiovascular system called endothelium. When this tissue does its job, your heart is strong. When this tissue is damaged by oxidative stress from free radicals, telomere length is also affected.
There are a lot of factors that determine whether your heart will stay in peak condition, but maintaining your telomeres is one more step you can take. Research shows us that healthy individuals have longer telomeres in their endothelium.[6]
It all makes you wonder how shorter telomeres could be holding you back, and how keeping them longer could propel you forward…

# Among 100 years old people, the healthier are those with longer telomeres

If you want a prove of how much telomeres matter, check the oldest people’s DNA!
In a study of 38 people who were 100 years or older, the healthiest ones had the longest telomeres. They had stronger heart and lung function, healthy blood sugar, and better brain function than those with shorter telomeres.[7]

We can limit the premature destruction of our telomeres but we can not extend them at will. Or rather we could not, because since the discovery of this limit due to our telomeres, many researchers have invested their time to find a solution.
They made the assumption that there must be a way to stimulate the production of long telomeres in cells, to overcome this deadly biological limit.

# Thousands of products and substances have been tested around the world and in recent decades, and one product has met these conditions over multiple laboratory and human studies in real life conditions.
It is Epitalon, the only substance that is actually scientifically proven as lengthening the telomeres of human cells.

Many products are sold as telomerase activators, but only one really works and has been proven in multiple independent studies, and this is Epitalon.
There is no other product for which there is scientific evidence of its positive activity on telomeres. Ask the sellers of products such as TA-65 or Astragaloside to provide you even a single published scientific evidence, and you will find that they do not have any.
They sell you wind of hope, but nothing works. By cons you can read for yourself the dozens of scientific studies published internationally on Epitalon.

Base your purchase on the science that proves the effect of the product and chose a qualified manufacturer that offers the best quality possible, and so you make a good purchase.

The choice is simple for those who want to extend their life and enable their cells to replicate continuously without fault, take Epitalon!

In addition, Epitalon not only lengthen our telomeres, it also regulates many functions of our body, such as hormonal and immune functions. Many people feel very fast improvements in many areas.
Many studies also confirm the incredible effects of Epitalon on various health problems. We will make a more detailed list soon, stay tuned.

So spread the word, ” Aging is not a fatality , it can be reversed ! “


Epitalon is the best existing investment for GOOD HEALTH !



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