October 10, 2013

Epitalon – amazing testimonials!


# We asked some news from Jules Tresor in October 2013. He was one of the first users of our Epitalon :

Just a short note to tell you that I still take my Epitalon daily. I’m in my tenth month and I am always improving.

I didn’t fell sick once during these 10 months, whereas usually I often suffered from colds with air conditioning here.
My immune system is much better than before starting Epitalon. This can also be seen on my face, my hair and nails are in so good shape.

Very important too, my eyesight has much improved, I already was considering having to wear glasses to read, it is no longer necessary ! I regularly put a little Epitalon (without alcohol) in my eyes, I think it accelerates its effects locally.

All the people I had not seen for several months have been very surprised to see me younger. We are entering a new era, where for the first time in history we are talking about rejuvenation. Until now it was thought impossible and nobody imagined it …

My physical performance level is excellent, I’m great, I started this new sport for young people (see the photos on their website), the “freeletics” for FREE-ATHLETICS.
This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my whole life. It is extremely intense, and against the clock.
And in spite of being past forty, and after years without exercise, I can finish each session, and I progress very quickly!

When I think that that 10 months ago I was beggining to suffer the symptoms of andropause, I was sleeping less and less well, had muscle and joint pain every morning and started to get depressed seeing my aging face in the mirror, my life has completely changed now!

Your Epitalon did for me what I could not imagine, and I’m not ready to stop to take! I’m about 1 bottle per week.

In addition it has whetted my curiosity to find other products and methods that could also contribute to rejuvenation, so much that it is my present and future that have been illuminated by your Super Peptide!
Thank you one million times, JT.

(Sorry for no pictures, know that I do not take pictures, I like to live in the present and not on memories. I hope that my words will be enough for you.)

# We have many other very positive testimonials from users of our Epitalon, and below we describe some such dramatic effects.

Of course the primary purpose of taking Epitalon is in the long term, it is to lengthen our telomeres to rejuvenate our cells and allow them to duplicate without genetic errors for many more years.

Each dose of Epitalon will reactivate the production of telomerase in a corresponding number of cells, and allow the lengthening of their telomeres, which are essential for cells to reporduce without genetic defects.

But in addition, and this is what might be generating many spectacular effects, Epitalon is a bioregulator, i.e. it simulates the activity of an hormone produced by the pineal gland, which is one of the most important glands in our body.
The pineal gland controls many processes in our body through the signals it sends.

Among the many effects reported by our users of Epitalon, here are those most commonly encountered:

– An increase in physical energy
– A deeper and more restful sleep, with more dreams
– A decrease in the size of the pores of the skin, it also becomes softer
– A tightening of the skin and facial features
– A strong improvement in the health of nails and hair, becoming thicker and stronger
– Improved vision
– A much better resistance to infectious diseases, flu, colds, etc. …
– An appeasement of excessive moods like anxiety, anger, depression, etc. …
– A feeling of well-being, une “joie de vivre”, a return of libido
– The disappearance of body and joint pains
– Improved reflexes and nerve function
– A great improvement in intelectual capacity, concentration and labor

This long list of improvements sometimes encountered right from the early doses of Epitalon confirm the many scientific studies conducted since the early 90s.

Due to the many laws that prohibit clamming positive health effects of products that are not registered as medicines, we unfortunately can not publish the evidence we receive.
We do our best to ensure that the message passes about the incredible efficiency at the cellular level of our Epitalon, but we do not want to jeopardize our activity by publishing testimonials.

We hope you take our word, and that by talking about your experience on the internet you can get in touch with other of our users, which will confirm you the importance of Epitalon.

We have many users who order our Epitalon since we decided to market to the general public earlier this year. Some people have already ordered many times!

Thank you again for your trust, we do our best to satisfy you 100%.

Epitalon is the best existing investment for GOOD HEALTH !