May 20, 2013

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As you know, every drop of Pure Epitalon reactivates telomerase production in cells, the more you take, the more cells you rejuvenate.
Each reactivation of telomerase will repair and lengthen telomeres, the more Pure Epitalon you take, the more telomeres are lengthened, and the more the cell can divide again and again, it’s just math.
Today we are pleased to announce the results of a scientific study that shows the effects of a dietary supplement that helps to produce more telomerase.
This information will help to further increase the power of Pure Epitalon to lengthen your telomeres and thus stop faster the aging of your body.

This study shows that this simple and natural substance is essential in humans for the proper functioning of telomerase. It is the amino acid glutamine, which is needed to make the Q169 protein, itself essential to the functioning of telomerase.
In other words, without glutamine no telomerase!

Glutamine has long been known, as its role in the fight against aging. This is one of the amino acids most present in the blood, and an essential element for many body functions.
In fact, low levels of glutamine is associated with poor health. Prolonged physical activity, infectious disease or surgery can reduce your level of glutamine.

Glutamine also helps build and repair muscles, and the production of growth hormone. The dose of glutamine to contribute to the production of telomerase is estimated at 2 grams per day.

Glutamine is easy to find and cheap, just do an Internet search for “buy glutamine” and you will find many shops that sell it.

As a subscriber to this free newsletter, you are one of the few privilegeds who know that this well-known amino acid is essential for the production of telomerase, and essential against aging.
By taking a few grams of glutamine each day you will simply optimize the incredible role of Pure Epitalon!

This scientific study is available for free here

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