December 01, 2013

Epitalon, biological immortality is our goal !!

Hello dear subscribers,

Biological immortality is to keep our bodies in good shape forever. Our body is simply a blend of billions of cells that live, multiply, repair and communicate.
To allow our cells to remain healthy and reproduce indefinitely is the solution that will enable us to achieve biological immortality.

Of course the environment in which our cells live is important, as are the micronutrients we provide.
Our body is mostly made up of water, so we must pay attention to what we drink. We need pure and finely structured water so it can penetrate deep into our tissues, and alkaline to prevent the spread of bacteria, fungi and other harmful colonizers that proliferate in an acidic medium.

Then we must ensure that our diet provides all the elements necessary for the production of new cells and tissues, with a proper intake of protein, minerals, vitamins and other molecules.

Our immediate environment is also very important. The air we breathe should be free of aggressive or harmful elements for our body. Our relationships with others should be relaxed so as not to cause stress that creates physical and psychological tensions.

But even more important than all these factors,there is a mechanism that controls the longevity of our cells, and limit our life expectancy.
Our cells multiply constantly to repair and regenerate our body. During each replication it is impossible for the cell to reproduce all of the DNA strands component of our genes.
After each cell replication, the ends of our DNA strands, called telomeres, are found shorter. And after a few tens of generations telomeres become too short to allow any replication, and the cell degenerates and dies.

The enzyme responsible for the production of our telomeres is telomerase. This enzyme is active in the embryonic stage, but then it is no longer produced, and our telomeres shorten inexorably, leading to the death of our cells.

Professor Khavinson, about 30 years ago, found that the production of telomerase could be activated by epithalamine, an hormone produced by the pineal gland. Unfortunately our pineal gland becomes calcified over the years.
Epitalon, a peptide consisting of only four amino acids, therefore very difficult to produce, not only decalcify our pineal gland, but in addition, its regular intake triggers the production of telomerase in our cells.

Epitalon is the only scientifically proven oral supplement that reactivates the production of telomerase in healthy human cells, and therefore allows our cells to rejuvenate and then reproduce to provide new cells, repairing and regenerating our bodies.

We sell the only Epitalon pure by more than 98%, which is used by medical professionals, research centers and universities worldwide.
Thanks to the internet and the mediatization of Epitalon, since this year we finally made ??this product available to individuals. We therefore offer the only scientifically proven solution that can rejuvenate your body.

So, do not let your chance pass by, and order our Epitalon today, because life is too good to let go without acting!

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Of course the lengthening of our telomeres is even more important the spectacular visual effects that happens to many of our customers, and that why we are more interested on the long term, as dose after dose of epitalon, week after week, more and more cells are rejuvenated and boosted to replicate much longer than even dreamed of!

So spread the word, ” Aging is not a fatality , it can be reversed ! ”