August 21, 2013

Hello dear subscriber,

We would like to share with you some of the testimonials that have been received by Jules Treasury sent by users of our Epitalon.
This product is really amazing, because it is working on two levels simultaneously:

1 – This is a bioregulator that will stimulate and regulate hormonal functions, such as the production of melatonin for a good sleep, for example.

2 – It is also an activator of telomerase, which means it will reactivate the production of telomerase in cells, including those who are elderly, allowing repair and telomere elongation, thus reversing the aging process of the cells.

The Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology of St. Petersburg studied peptides since 1992, and millions of Russians have taken them with great success for over 20 years so.

Quote from this page:
“It has been found that the administration of bioregulatory peptides resulted in a reliable increase in average life span from 30 to 40%.

The Geriatric protective activity of peptides is related to their effect on the mechanisms of immunity, on the hormonal regulation, antioxidant protection, regulation of gene expression and telomerase activity. “End quote.

We hope that you will not let this rare opportunity pass you to give a new dimension to your body, stopping the aging process!
# Some of the users of Epitalon testimonials:

# French Testimony received:
MMS enthusiast for several years, I have “jumped” on Epitalon!
I am a massage therapist and massage 4 or 5 a day … it’s pretty exhausting.
I’m 54 and although my form is exemplary, it remains that in the evening when I get home, I’m exhausted.
For five days I take 20 drops / day yesterday in the day, enthusiasm came to me!
In the evening, the form! This morning, Sunday, up at 5:30!
For me, the growth is coming overnight dice taking the 5th!
To be continued … Alain B.

# French Testimony received:
Hello Jules Tresor,
I take Epitalon since 1 month.
The changes are amazing! I am 80 years old, my physical capacity and my happy mood have returned, and now that accompanies the return of my libido, I hope it lasts!
Why this product didn’t come sooner. All my gratitude for letting me know about this solution.
I really don’t know how to thank you, if you are interested in my testimony I authorize you to publish it. Again thank you,
Mr Léon S./ Born in 1932

# French Testimony received:
I am absolutely amazed by the effect of this product.
I certainly know to be particularly sensitive to processes occurring in my body-field, but with only an initial 3 drops this morning, I felt all day a very clear renewed vitality and tone that I did not experience for years.
I made a long walk (6 km) with unusual enthusiasm and without feeling any fatigue.
In addition I have also noticed a change in the psychic level, with a mind focused very optimistic particularily clear and joyful.
It’s 1am and I still in incredible shape.
These effects are truly amazing with nothing but a single shot, and I have no doubt that I will have many more surprises in the coming weeks.
I will share my testimony further.
Jules thank you wholeheartedly for sharing this information and having given me access to Epitalon.
Warmly to you.
Lionel S.

# French Testimony received:
I only used one bottle so far, with 6 drops per day.
I have a form of hell, I sleep like a baby, and more miracle happened;
I had an accident with falling from a roof 4.5m high, fractured several vertebrae and got the installation of two metallic plates.
Since this operation I had a lot of pain. But since I take the Epitalon miracle, my pain is almost gone!
My libido is back from 55 years to 30 years … I quickly placed an order for four more bottles to continue this adventure.
Thank you again. Roland P.

Note JT: Thank you for sending me this great testimony to share with my readers. As for me I’m on my fifth bottle. Amazing things happen, as I discuss in my own testimony updated regularly.
Last week, in Cambodia, I met several people I had not seen for two months, that was before I started taking Epitalon …
The response was unanimous and very surprised: what happened to you that you look so young now!
Every day I feel younger and I am more happy to live!
Thank you Epitalon!

Another anecdote: My best friend told me, reading the name on the box of the bottle:
“It sounds like instead of Epitalon it’s written Stallion!” We can say that it was a revealing reading error, because men taking Epitalon find their form as in their youth!
This announces happy moments in perspective in the cottages where Epitalon is consumed!

# From Dr Hertoghe:

Telomerase activators hit the market !

Medicine is changing by leaps and bounds and activators of telomerase play a strategic role in this progress for reversing the aging process. I take myself some epithalon, a small molecule produced in our pineal gland, a small gland located behind and to the base of the brain which is also produced melatonin, the sleep hormone.
The daily injection of epithalon for ten days every six months, the elderly, namely the older members of the eminent Russian Academy of Sciences, has enabled many of them to increase their longevity. Mortality in this assembly was reduced by 30 to 50% over seven years in those who took it. The épithalon is only accessible to experts and to those who will in consultation with the Institute of Gerontology of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg.
For three years, since the age of 52, I practiced on myself regularly every four to eight months some hormone injections around the eyes to improve my sight. This allows me not to have to wear reading glasses. The last dose over a year. However, four months after the last injection, I felt again the urgent need to redo a session because my presbyopia resumed. It is at this point that I started taking the epithalon daily doses included in a preparation where they are combined with growth hormone and other hormones injections. My eyesight was restored and is again almost perfect, enough anyway to read a book without glasses, even at dusk. End of quote.

Note that apparrence of product can change from batch to batch (more or less compressed powder in the bottle), but this is due to the quantity produced per batch, and does not affect product quality.
Be sure that we ship only products of the highest quality.