August 01, 2013

Dear readers,

First of all thank you for your interest in our activities, and thank you for your interest in your own well-being and longevity. secret-de-longevite
We have always tried to live longer, because no matter what our situation in life, we love it and want to make it last as long as possible, to enjoy it, and if possible in good health until the last moments.

Thousands of scientists around the world are conducting studies on how to extend the life and stay healthy.
Many discoveries have been made, but few can lengthen life expectancy and maintain the good health of our body as a whole.

Today it is clear that aging occurs at the cellular level, and more precisely at the level of our DNA strands that are the basis for the production of our cells.
Scientists are discovering more and more factors that influence the expression of our DNA and its replication in the production of new cells.

It is clear that diet plays an important role, but also the stress and toxins found in our physical environment, air pollution, water, magnetic fields, etc. …

But even if we could get a perfect environment and nutrition, protecting us against 100% of the factors destroying our DNA or preventing them from proper expression and self-repair, we would still be limited by a key biological factor, limiting the number of possible reproduction for each of our cells.
This is what scientists call the Hayflick limit. The Hayflick limit was discovered by Leonard Hayflick in 1965. Hayflick observed that our cells divide 50 times maximum before dying. When cells approach this limit, they show signs of senescence. [1]

We can limit the premature destruction of our telomeres but we can not extend them at will. Or rather we could not, because since the discovery of this limit due to our telomeres, many researchers have invested their time to find a solution.
They made the assumption that there must be a way to stimulate the production of long telomeres in cells, to overcome this deadly biological limit.

Thousands of products and substances have been tested around the world and in recent decades, and one product has met these conditions over multiple laboratory and human studies in real life conditions.
It is Epitalon, the only substance that is actually scientifically proven as lengthening the telomeres of human cells.

Many products are sold as telomerase activators, but only one really works and has been proven in multiple independent studies, and this is Epitalon.
There is no other product for which there is scientific evidence of its positive activity on telomeres. Ask the sellers of products such as TA-65 or Astragaloside to provide you even a single published scientific evidence, and you will find that they do not have any.
They sell you wind of hope, but nothing works. By cons you can read for yourself the dozens of scientific studies published internationally on Epitalon.

Base your purchase on the science that proves the effect of the product and chose a qualified manufacturer that offers the best quality possible, and so you make a good purchase.

The choice is simple for those who want to extend their life and enable their cells to replicate continuously without fault, take Epitalon!

In addition, Epitalon not only lengthen our telomeres, it also regulates many functions of our body, such as hormonal and immune functions. Many people feel very fast improvements in many areas.
Many studies also confirm the incredible effects of Epitalon on various health problems. We will make a more detailed list soon, stay tuned.
It is essential that you use the best quality available of Epitalon, even if you have to pay more because poor quality products will contain contaminants that could make you sick.

Epitalon is the best existing investment for GOOD HEALTH !


[1] Hayflick Limit on Wikipedia