August 20, 2016

Epitalon, is it the best anti-ageing product?

Hello everyone,

epitalon-epithalon-epithaloneEn 2013 appeared Epitalon, the only anti-ageing product that was supported by decades of research in Russia, and numerous scientific studies and clinical trials proving its effectiveness in improving health but especially to lengthen healthy life.
Since then, tens of thousands of people took to Epitalon outside Russia, and dozens of websites and several manufacturers offer it (not many offer a good quality one!) …

This was the first anti-ageing revolution accessible to everyone and everywhere, but in my opinion this is far from ebing the last!
Indeed there are already several active molecules that have been discovered that have an effect against the signs of ageing.

With less spectacular effects that Epitalon, Lycopene and Resveratrol antioxidants are proven to neutralise free radicals and protect especially skin and body tissues.

The laboratory BioTrends, which manufactured the Epitalon of BioLuma, has since invested in new equipment and technologies to produce new generations of anti-ageing supplements.

As you already know, my life changed after taking Epitalon, my symptoms of prostate cancer disappeared within a few days, so I am convinced of its effectiveness for that reason, but not only. My testimony is here.

Since 2013 I take continuously Epitalon because I feel strongly the beneficial effects it has on me, starting with deep sleep that it gives me each night, allowing my body to repair itself and my mind to process information of the day and detoxify deeply.

Fortunately, the product of BioTrends, Nouvelle-Vie (New-Life), which includes Epitalon but also 3 other supplements known for their rejuvenating power, is much more affordable and effective than Epitalon alone, which was previously available. Information about New Life here.
But I must say that when it comes to my life, nothing is sufficient to improve and keep it as healthy as possible.

biotrends-super-lot-rajeunissement-ENG-2016So I started to take the Rejuvenate Super Set by BioTrends, 1 per month, to really work on the problem of age even in deeper depths!

The key element of this Rejuvenation Set is NAD +, which is the second most powerful molecule marketed by BioTrends, because it is pure energy for our cells, more precisely to the mitochondria, which are the energy plants our cells. More on NAD + here.

And aging is largely due to the slowdown of these energy plants that are our mitochondria, as well as the accumulation of waste products that happens in our cells, when they no longer have enough energy to evacuate and clean their inside.

NAD + is the molecule that the mitochondria can use directly in one step to produce ATP, the energy that cells consume, instead of multiple chemical reactions required to convert food into ATP …

This fact to bring pure energy to the cells showed that the mitochondria can then restart and multiply, but also clean themselves, and all the cells of the body can benefit from this rejuvenation.
Besides, what encourages me to recommend this product for anyone wishing to rejuvenate or even just regain physical energy of their youth, is that after the third dose of NAD + I could already feel the very important energy boost that this supplement provided me.

I just found I regained the energy of my 30’s, and it continues since, since I never left my NAD + boxes, whether the powder every day, but also small boxes of pills for when I travel or go on a trek.

This NAD + is concentrated energy … and all sports enthusiasts who like to do some performance or just get fit like in their past, should give a trial run for this product BioTrends!

Okay, so that’s it? Well no, in addition to these 5 anti-aging molecules, the Epitalon, carnosine, resveratrol, lycopene and NAD +, The rejuvenate Super Set  also contains 2 boxes of BPC 157.

What is BPC 157?

Pro-Healer-biotrends-bpc157-101It’s a molecule that BioTrends is the first company to make available to individuals. They provide in large quantities for discrete customers, as Chinese army, for its repair effects of tissues and organs of the body which are just amazing.

External and internal injuries heal 2 or 3 times faster than normal, and above all healing starts immediately, and in accelerated mode from the first doses.

I recently published the testimonies of BPC 157 users that have healed diabetic ulcers within days, or repair a liver damaged by alcohol or hepatitis … and many other problems. BPC157 information and testimonials here.

With the power of the 5 anti-aging elements coupled to the BPC157 remedial power, the top of rejuvenation is achieved quickly through this batch of products available only at BioTrends!

That’s why today I say “There is better than Epitalon to rejuvenate! ” there is BioTrends Rejuvenate Super Set : O)


If you do not believe me, try it at least for 1 month and you’ll see, your life will change for the best!

I think you can feel my enthusiasm for the work of BioTrends, or rather the men and women behind the company, who themselves want to stop aging and rejuvenate, and also to benefit those who decide to trust them, as in my case for several years already.

Only the passionate can change the world!

Join us and enjoy the latest breakthroughs in rejuvenation!

Join BioTrends!

And forward the message, senility is not inevitable!

Jules Tresor.


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