August 10, 2015

Epitalon – A 72 years old young man gives his secrets!

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In humans, the production of telomerase is turned off very early in the life of our body. Because of this our telomeres shorten over time, and our cells are aging rapidly and then come the signs that we call “aging”. Wrinkles, muscle and joint pain, memory blurs, sleep decreases, moods swings and sexuality diminution.

To the contrary there are animals that never get old, which are biologically immortals.And yes, it is surprising, but it is scientifically demonstrated, the cells of some animals reproduce endlessly and without errors, allowing them to live in good health until an accident or a predator takes away their live.

They never die of old age ! They have no biological clock limiting their life expectancy.


The lobster is one of these animals, it grows endlessly and still going strong. Scientists have already caught lobsters older than 140 years, they would have continued to live and grow indefinitely if they had not been caught.

Why do they grow up and they live so long?

Their secret is telomerase, the enzyme that helps rebuild and maintain telomeres that would otherwise limit the number of reproduction of our cells.
In lobsters, telomerase production never stops, unlike in humans, and this allows them to renew their telomeres permanently and to rejuvenate their cells during each duplication.

If we humans could permanently maintain the length of our telomeres, we could keep our cells to their optimal level, in their “young” state.

Science has discovered a peptide that does exactly that, which restarts the production of telomerase in our cells, thereby lengthening our telomeres indefinitely, offering eternal life to our cells.

This peptide is called Epitalon, and is finally available to the general public, since we offer it on our website.
This small molecule is difficult to manufacture and to stabilize, but we have mastered its manufacturing since many years, and we are the only ones to offer it to the general public, and with a purity greater than 98%.


# Epitalon is a peptide, the only product scientifically proven which can lengthen telomeres in human cells, but it also has a second role of bio-regulator which is also very important in the fight against aging!

Epitalon decalcifies and reactivates the pineal gland which is leading many hormonal activities in the body, which will trigger an upgrade, repair and reactivation of several hormone producing glands in our body!

The discovery of anti-aging Epitalon date more than 20 years, [1] and despite thousands of people (most of whom are doctors or scientists) who can testify to its beneficial and rejuvenating effects, Epitalon is available on the internet that since 2013, when we decided to do away with the hiding orchestrated by those in power.
More than 100 studies have been published in English on Epitalon [2]. Even more if we add other languages, including Russian, where Epitalon has been studied since the 1970s [3].

Epitalon also contributed to a significant increase of lifetime of animals in many experiments [5, 6, 7, 8, 9].

# Bio-hormonal regulation is also crucial to stay in top physical and mental shape over the passing years.

Look at the picture on the right to convince you. Dr. Jeffry Life proves that an aging body is not inevitable. Muscle loss, bone loss and loss of mental ability are not inevitable. No, aging is not incurable.

If he had started earlier, he took his destiny in hands only in 1997 at the age of 59, and had added Epitalon to his daily diet, he could have rejuvenated faster and more completely.

Of course at that time, in 1997, the amazing effects of Epitalon were already known in the specialized scientific community, but unknown to the rest of the world.

In his books he explains his incredible method to rejuvenate with such dramatic effects in record

To summarize, his Life Plan is to:

1 – Eat healthy
2 – Exercise
3 – Restore the hormonal balance

So you can see the importance of hormone production and the major role of bio-regulator that Epitalon will play for you in your quest for eternal youth!

Here are 3 short excerpts edited from his book:
– “when it comes to diminished hormone levels, conventional medecine doesn’t accept the science. These doctors see declining hormone levels as a natural part of aging and strongly believe that you should just live with the symptoms and conditions associated with them.”
– “Saying andropause and menopause don’t exist is like saying cigarette smoking doesn’t cause lung cancer. Just how many studies over how many decades will it take before our national institutes, medical societies, and academicians change their position?
My position is clear: No human needs to confront aging and its related debilitating symptoms if it is possible to reverse them, or avoid them entirely.”
– “I had Charlie start following the Life Plan diet and exercise program. His deficient hormones were augmented to healthy levels and monitored on a regular basis. At his three-month followup evaluation Charlie had already lost 28 pounds of body fat and gained 5 pounds of muscle. He told me that his energy levels had dramatically increased, and all aspects of his life had improved.”

Optimal hormone production is the second condition to rejuvenate, the first being to maintain the length of our telomeres to allow our cells to replicate endlessly and in perfect shape.

Here we know all these scientific facts, thus we know it is possible to live much longer and in good shape, and Epitalon is the first evidence that we put at your disposal.
The results are surprising and witnesses of these rejuvenations are often speechless in front of our users of Epitalon who look years younger in just a few weeks.
Indeed Epitalon rejuvenates the cells, and effects therefore are found inside but also outside of the body. Some users are reporting us a tightening of their skin and refining of the poresremoving them 10 years of age after just a few weeks of taking it !

So spread the word, ” Aging is not a fatality , it can be reversed ! “



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