April 20, 2017

Telomeres and aging, how to act?

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Scientists agree, telomeres are needed against aging, then the question is how to keep them?

Here is some information that will be useful to understand the problem and the solutions!

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Stem Cells Thailand

A telomere is a chromosome’s tail end or a repetitive DNA at the end of a chromosome which is highly related to a typical DNA sequence that undergoes replication in a distinctive manner. A telomere neutralizes a chromosome’s predisposition to shorten with every sequence of replication. In other words, telomeres act in a way to protects the end of our chromosomes from deterioration/aging. 


The first account of this biological phenomenon was reported by Alexei Olovnikov in 1971 who later went on to win a Nobel Prize. Olovnikov was the first to suggest that DNA sequencing is lost in every single replicative phase until it reaches a critical level when cell division would stop. During the process of cell differentiation and cell division, certain enzymes duplicate our chromosomes so the DNA cannot continue regular duplication to the very end of a chromosome.

It is now believed that immortal strands of DNA avoid telomere loss. Scientists therefore believe that telomeres are essential for the stability of chromosomes and that the act of aging itself hinges on the replicative senescence hypothesis.

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What Is A Telomere? video

At the end of a chromosome, there’s a protective tip called a telomere that wears away over time; understanding that is the key to understanding aging.

It is clear that diet plays an important role, but also the stress and toxins found in our physical environment, air pollution, water, magnetic fields, etc. …

But even if we could get a perfect environment and nutrition, protecting us against 100% of the factors destroying our DNA or preventing them from proper expression and self-repair, we would still be limited by a key biological factor, limiting the number of possible reproduction for each of our cells.
This is what scientists call the Hayflick limit. The Hayflick limit was discovered by Leonard Hayflick in 1965. Hayflick observed that our cells divide 50 times maximum before dying. When cells approach this limit, they show signs of senescence. [1]

We can limit the premature destruction of our telomeres but we can not extend them at will. Or rather we could not, because since the discovery of this limit due to our telomeres, many researchers have invested their time to find a solution.
They made the assumption that there must be a way to stimulate the production of long telomeres in cells, to overcome this deadly biological limit.

➡ What are the ways to lengthen our telomeres?

Many products are sold as telomerase activators, expected to generate repair telomeres, but very few really work and have been proven in multiple independent studies.

Thousands of products and substances have been tested worldwide and in recent decades, and both products have met these conditions over multiple laboratory and in humans in real life conditions.
This is Epitalon and L-Carnosine, currently the only substances scientifically proven to can lengthen telomeres in human cells.

Epitalon is known for more than 20 years, L-Carnosine is more recent. It is for a cumulative and synergistic effect that BioTrends decided to bring them together in a single capsule in its product Nouvelle-Vie.

This is the only supplement in the world that contains both potent telomerase activators recognized by the scientific world as to lengthen human telomeres.

Each dose of Nouvelle-Vie will thus enable the production of telomerase in cells of the body, and this will therefore produce telomerase and lengthen our telomeres.

Of course the more important the dose taken, the more cells will be rejuvenated quickly. But one daily dose of Nouvelle-Vie of 2 or 4 or more capsules, will help to ensure the process of DNA repair, and protect our cells permanently.

Moderate physical activity and minimal stress are also demonstrated as protecting our telomeres, and a healthy diet too.


➡ Are there a lot of telomerase activators?

Unfortunately there are no other products discovered for which there is abundant scientific evidence of their positive activity on telomeres.

For example ask these vendors and manufacturers of products such as TA-65 or astragaloside IV to provide even only one published scientific evidence, and you find that they do not.
They sell you the wind of hope, but nothing works. To the contrary you can read yourself dozens of scientific studies published internationally on Epitalon or L-Carnosine …

Base your purchases on the science that proves the effect of the product and provide you with a qualified manufacturer that offers the best possible quality, and so you will make a good buy.

The choice is simple, who wants to extend his/her life and enable her/his cells reproduce continuously and without defects, take Epitalon or L-Carnosine … or both!

In addition, Epitalon does not just extend our telomeres, it also regulates many functions in our body, such as hormonal and immune functions. Many people feel very fast improvements in many areas.
Many studies also confirm the incredible effects of Epitalon on various health issues.

More on L-Carnosine here

What I take myself every day: Epitalon + Carnosine

The only high quality product available to individuals, only now recommended by Jules Treasury today in June 2016, is the one manufactured by BioTrends company, which is present in their product Nouvelle-Vie, the only supplement with 4 anti-aging molecules and effects that work in synergy with Epitalon and L-Carnosine to further increase beneficial effects.


The Epitalon in Nouvelle-Vie is of perfect quality, more than 98% pure, because it is also sent to universities and research laboratories worldwide. We know only three laboratories in the world who know how to make Epitalon, but they are the only ones making some of such purity and to make it accessible to the public.
It is essential that you use the best available quality of Epitalon, even if you pay more, because the products of poor quality still contain contaminants that could make you sick.

nouvelle-vie-epitalon-english-1So spread the word, “Aging is not inevitable, it can be stopped! “

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