Many scientists take epitalon since 15 years,
and their lifespan has already extended up to 50%

It’s official, taking epitalon regularly helps
to live without ageing, and in perfect health.

It’s the most important scientific breakthrough
ever made in human health !

Make your body immortal :

The Epitalon regulates cell function by triggering the production of telomerase, which will repair the telomeres, allowing the cells to become young again and to produce other cells.
Long telomeres will also help correct errors in DNA during cell division and prevent cellular degeneration.

This peptipe triggers the rejuvenation of the whole body, from internal organs to the skin. It is the fountain of youth !

Telomeres act as a biological clock governing the life of cells. Telomeres shorten progressively with each cell division until the cell can no longer divide and dies.

When the telomere becomes too short, it no longer plays a protective role. The cell will interpret this as a corruption of its DNA, enter senescence and stop its growth. Organs deteriorate even more than their constituent cells die or come into senescence.
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Scientific studies on Epitalon:

Science has shown that Epitalon is the most powerful neurological factor ever found to stop the ageing of the human body and to rejuvenate it.

This is the only product that is scientifically proven in clinical studies in humans and in laboratory studies on cells.
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Professor Ronald DePinho:

“Diseases of ageing reversed in mice”


The study was published online Sunday in the journal Nature.

“These mice had an age equivalent to 80 years in men, and were about to die,” said Ronald DePinho, co-author of the study and researcher at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston. After the experiment, “they were back to the physiological equivalent of young adults.”

The experiment focused on telomerase, an enzyme that makes the units of DNA that seal the ends of chromosomes, called telomeres.
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What is Epitalon?

The Epitalon compound is a small peptide of only 4 amino acids.

Scientific studies show that telomeres lengthen with taking of Epitalon. The cell’s biological clock is reset, the cell regains its integrity and can start to multiply to repair the body’s immune system to operate and maintain organs at their optimal level, and continue the growth of the body.

Daily intake of epithalon by the elderly, namely the older members of the eminent Russian Academy of Sciences, has enabled many of them to increase their longevity. Mortality in this assembly was reduced by 30 to 50% over seven years in those who took it.

To this day the Epitalon was only available for research and medical centers. Especially because several patents have been filed by Professor Khavison, in USA, Europe and Asia. But fortunately there is a company that is responsible for making it available to the public! See the insert in the upper right of the page.
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Epitalon against cancer!

There are already several scientific books, and more than 20 studies that have been published on PubMed alone, answering the keywords epitalon-cancer.

It was in Vienna during the 1930s and 1940s that W.Bergmann and P.Engel demonstrated that pineal extracts possess growth inhibitory properties on experimental rodent tumors and R.Hofstatter reported favorable results when these extracts were given to cancer patients.
Initial clinical applications of the pineal hormone for incurable cancers raise hopes for a promising future use.
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Professor Vladimir Khavinson:

The great secret of Khavinson for a more sustainable existence, is the action of peptides (amino acids biomolecules). The investigation began 35 years ago at the Academy of Military Medicine in the former Soviet Union.

Peptides potentiate cell division, stimulate brain activity, induce tumor reduction and more.

There is no possibility of allergic reaction, peptides just regulate the body. These are natural substances, they do their work without disturbing the body. They are absorbed by the body only for repair functions. There is no chance of overdose or toxicity.

More than 15 million people have already been treated with these bioregulators, always showing 100% positive feedback.
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Doctor Thierry Hertogue:

Activators of telomerase hit the market!

Medicine is changing by leaps and bounds and activators of telomerase play a strategic role in this progress for reversing the aging process. I take myself some epithalon, a small molecule produced in our pineal gland, a small gland located behind and at the base of the brain which also produced melatonin, the sleep hormone.

The daily injection of epithalon for ten days every six months, to the elderly, namely the older members of the eminent Russian Academy of Sciences, has enabled many of them to increase their longevity. Mortality in this assembly was reduced by 30 to 50% over seven years in those who took it. The epithalon is only accessible to experts and to those who go in consultation with the Institute of Gerontology of the Academy of Sciences in St. Petersburg.
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The importance of melatonin for our good health:

Epitalon stimulates and re-establishes the production of melatonin, an essential biological factor to stay in good health !

Melatonin is secreted by the pineal gland, it regulates many hormonal secretions, and has multiple functions, other than hormonal, in particular as an antioxidant.

Melatonin destroys or forbid the action of certain free-radicals and elements factor of oxidative stress, it influences positively on the immune system also plays a role in the regulation of blood pressure, and bone protection.
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